These dates are tentative and could change depending on flight price and availability.

Day 1(Feb 20)-Day 3 (Feb 22)

We will fly out of Madison on February 20th and arrive in Algiers for an overnight stay. The next day (Feb 22), we will fly to Tindouf and arrive early Sunday morning (Feb 23). The refugee camps hosting us are a short ride from the airport. 

Upon arriving to the camp you will meet the family who will be hosting you during the duration of your stay. The first few days will be a good time to learn more about the family you are staying with and life in the camp.

While the first few days will be dedicated to acclimating and familiarizing our selves with the camp and the people, there will be more formal activities and events scheduled by the race organizers as well.

Day 4 (Feb 23)-Day 7 (Feb26)

We will spend five days staying in the Saharwi refugee camps with host families. The run will take place on February 25th.

During the days leading up to the race we will be participating in activities organized by WE International and the race organizers. As a team we will discuss how we would like to spend our time at the camps. 

Day 8-9 (Feb 27- Feb 28)

Leave the camp and depart from Tindouf to Algiers. Arrive in Algiers and spend a night.

Depart Algiers and arrive back in Madison on Friday evening. 


Runner route


The base cost is approximately $2,500.

We recognize that upfront this seems like a lot of money, and it is. This is why we are dedicated to being fully transparent about cost breakdown. We also equip participants with the tools needed to fundraise for travel expenses as well as donations.


There may be options for you to add on to your experience for an extra personal expense.


All of these expenses are included in the  base cost of this trip.  

Flight and Ground Transportation

Food and Insurance

Run Fees and Services

Advocacy Programs

There may be other recreational excursions and experiences you can add on to your trip, these are not included in the base cost. 

On top of the base cost we are asking runners to raise an encouraged additional $2,000 for programs that address issues the Sahrawi people face, but this is not mandatory. 

WE International Inc. has created a donation page for runners to raise financial support. WE International Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so all donations made through this page may be eligible to be tax-deductible. However, please consult your tax professional for tax advice. Runners can also raise funds through crowdsourcing, Go Fund me, social media outlets, and direct letters to family, friends and coworkers.


As a team we will discuss possibilities for team fundraising events.  


You all have the option to run whichever distance in the Sahara Advocacy run that suites you best. The 5k, the 10k the Half Marathon or the full Marathon. 

The Marathon run starts in El Ayoun, goes through Auserd, then ends in Smara. The Half Marathon picks up in Auserd, then ends in Smara. The 10k begins in Farmacia and ends in Smara. Whereas the 5k begins in Paco and ends in Smara as well. 

Participants will be transported to the start of each race that they choose to participate in. The course will be marked by stones, flags, and other temporary markers. The terrain is compact earth with a few parts in softer sand. The course follows a mainly flat path with a few rises up to 20-30km. There will be a serious of water stations every 3km on the trail. There will also be four-wheel vehicles driving along the course to provide assistance when necessary. 



Fitness Level




fitness level


There are three race options A 5k, a half marathon, or a full marathon.


WE International will provide runners with some general workouts and benchmarks of fitness to prepare for the run. WEI will also give personal feedback and recommendations for an individual runner's training regime.

Trip insurance will be provided for your journey.

Have questions? Contact us at info@weinternational.org

Leading up to the run, we will have regular communication, preparation meetings, optional fundraising events, and workouts for those interested.


Please submit your trip application, and upon acceptance you will be asked to submit your $100.00 deposit made out to WE International, Inc. within one week to secure your slot on the trip. 

The first payment installation (not including your $100 deposit) will be due January1st, 2020, and your final payment will be due February 1st, 2019.

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the TEAM


David Lippiatt - Co-Founder & President of WE International

"Perhaps the biggest assault against women is that more is not being done to address gender-based violence." 


our beneficiaries

1. A land mine victim hospital in the Sahrawi Refugee camps

2. Women's shelter within the camps

Please note, we have kept the specific names of our beneficiaries anonymous for their concern and safety. If you would like more information on our beneficiaries, please email dlippiatt@weinternational.org.